Why there are no titles for members with over 1000 posts?
Actually the first thing I noticed here was the moroccan titles, gr8 idea in fact.

As far as I remember, the last title is for those with over 500 posts, right? So why don’t you add a new title with those over 1000 posts (esp because I’m one of them, JK, lol, never did it b4) :wink:

& btw, I can’t suggest a title actually cause I’m not darijan fluent, u know.

Anyways, waiting for your reply our sisterly admin :slight_smile:

hmmm good idea, let’s see what Admin thinks :smiley:

:^^: yeaaaaah i wanna have a new one

fine fine…
3 so far Admin, the majority ya3ni :wink:

hhhhh i don’t need one :stuck_out_tongue: rani fr7ana avec le mien :cool:

yeah coz u can change it whenever u want :frowning: not fair at all

true true, just wait for admin

:stuck_out_tongue: i know she is so kind and she is gonna give us new status :smiley:

yes yes but u have to also respect the fact that she is a busy woman too, the forum is not her only concern… so give her some time

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude im waiting :slight_smile: makayn maydar nit

reLaX mAx

hahhahahahhahaha do u know what does MAD MAX mean in morocco ?


po** movies :stuck_out_tongue:

just a question, did you put those stars? coz i’m checking the screen, i even restarted my computer to make sure they’re ACTUAL stars, is this a miracle?

duuuuude i just asked the admin for a favour :stuck_out_tongue:
i wanna show her that im educated … from now on i’ll be a new MAD :smiley:

LOLL you’re so shifty

Sure we can. We didn’t have many active members back at the time, so we stopped the ranks at 500.
Suggest new titles for us to add. Also, if you want a personalized title, just ask for it. Me or LA can add it for you.

umm Admin, i don’t think i know how to do that =/

thnx admin … i wanna put in my status : ‘’ meghribi ta3 lmout " :stuck_out_tongue: