Tigresse Flow

Just saw a very nice documentary on Dutch television.
In a trainride from Marrakech to Tangiers,
Youssra (Tigresse Flow) and Momo (HitRadio dj)
frankly discuss love, sex and emancipation.

I’ll post the documentary here when it’s available on-line from the futureexpress website.
Youssra’s opinion on emancipation? Here it is:

Rgds mp

Off-topic in the Music forum, but here’s the link to the documentary. The voice-over is Dutch I’m afraid, but all the interviews are in French/English/Darija.

That was very very interesting! Thanks for the link, Maarten :okay: And great that the songs were subtitled in the doc, was already a bit frustrated I didn’t understand the lyrics when I watched the Youtube video. Hip hop isn’t usually my cuppa tea, but I found this group very interesting :ok: