Can you believe that? My hands are starting to shake.
Who ever broke this record? I am diiiiis close to being the top poster and crushing LA.
I don’t even know how many posts I published. Phew!

3 hours and a quarter lollll

I even got this so many times:
At least 60 seconds have to pass between posts. Please wait a little while and try posting again.

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude khelini saket hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
gatlk recor mamergatch

Watta malek 7adini?

kanjib bik lmeghreb :smiley:

You mean ze3ma kanfekkrek fel blad? :smiley:
Wakha, I am not the only one with this record, Madridista was here all the time too, then Gretchen joined in.



oh, you were staying before I joined you. And I thought that me too stayed that loooooooong cause I’ve never stayed this while b4 anywhere (except on FB). danto 3alam fadya ba2a :stuck_out_tongue: jk :smiley:

hahahahahahah yes Gret my record too is on FB :smiley:

Hahah you mean e7na 3alam mazag, and a good company. That I take.

OH EM GEE, as LA would say… Four hours and 10 minutes straight. Ma dert la hokk la hokk…
I seriously need to go get some fresh air.

hahahahahahaah la hok la hok hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok i believe u
ur from z7iliga
im preparin a cappucino … do u want some ?

Extra sugar and extra kashkousha please.

looolll s7ab rask f café sa3ada lol
mé hania jatk ma3ndach menek bakia

Wa tdour fbnadem 3ad tbayyen lih lkaram. B7al elli kaydir khotwa ila l2amam, khotwatayni ila lwara2 lolllll

3adi im made in morocco :stuck_out_tongue:


4h30 and counting.

lol daba ghir goulili fin bagha twsli ?? 24 h ???

Laaaaa. Everytime I want to log out I see another message from you or Gret, and I respond, then another message comes, then I reply… but I’ll vanish anytime soon :stuck_out_tongue:

looooooooooooooollllll wa ghir 3elmini bach manb9Ach ntsenna ur answers