Thread titles?


On another language board, thread titles are required to contain the question of the thread. I mention this as I find it extremely useful - if I just browse the forum and find an interesting title, I often open it and probably learn a lot from other people’s questions and doubts. But if it just says “help!” or “translation, please!” I rarely even bother to open them. Knowing what a specific thread deals with is also useful for searching through threads. Maybe it would be a possibility in these forums as well?


You are right. People are not always aware of this kind of rules that make the use of forums more enjoyable and useful for all. However, I can’t edit people’s threads in order to make titles more interesting, as I consider threads properties of their initiators. I only edit titles when I move a post from an old thread to a new thread. I probably should create some kind of “rules” thread for people to follow, but who reads rules anyways? :stuck_out_tongue: People sometimes just want to join in, get their translation done, and they sometimes don’t even come back to thank people who helped them. Let along making them abide by additional rules :).

@ Moderators:
Feel free to edit thread titles though, but mainly in the translations section. This will make Jonquix happy ;), and will hopefully be useful for everyone.

Thanks Jonquix.

:ok::ok: This is reason enough, no? :^^:

Thanks for your reply, Simply :hap: Maybe even just a short sticky thread list of suggestions for opening threads would do it? (Yup, the translations threads were what I had in mind.)

How about an announcement thread that shows in all sections on top of all threads, with a flash/gif icon that brings people attention <— if possible !

Makes Jonquix & everybody else happy :^^:

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[quote=Paperbird]How about an announcement thread that shows in all sections on top of all threads, with a flash/gif icon that brings people attention <— if possible !

Makes Jonquix & everybody else happy :^^:[/quote]
Yes!! :hap:

[quote=Paperbird]and… :sman:

don’t beat my friends again :gun:[/quote]
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I just wanted to point at the gravity of the matter :albert:

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I add: actually it doesn’t have to be in all sections, just in the first one (translation & exercises).
also, it occured to me that it wouldn’t make much difference, so , i think if the mods try to edit titles it would be enough.

i suggest the followin way, if some one titled their thread like this: “please help! i need translation” , it shouldn’t be all deleted , but only add to it the subject of the thread like this: “please help! i need translation”(nta l3mar) <-- for example.

Note: its not possible for people to always title the thread with the question, sometimes they have lots of words to translate, sometimes they have a full e-mail…etc

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@ Paperbird:
I see that you came to the same conclusion as me, instead of monitoring people’s practices, we can probably better intervene and make titles more interesting.

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Yes, changing titles is probably fine, though I think people might prefer to write them for themselves… It’s true it’s not always easy to make a short version of a question, but it’s not that difficult either. If you have a list of words, separate them by topic and open several threads :wink: (like, greetings, food words, or a part of the phrase or whatnot). And “translation” is a little superfluous anyway, innit? I mean, that’s why you post in the Translations section :unsure:


Actually, there already is a sticky thread containing posting guidelines in the translation section. I just added Jonquix’s remark.
Check it out.


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