This for this translation:

I think this is a good phrase but I don’t know. I hope someone could help me to translate this :

yeekh tfou chkoun li jay :frowning: … ahlan tw7chnak feen ghbrtii :slight_smile:

Shokran for your time.

Sorry for the tittle of the post, I had a mistake. I wanted to write Help for this translation.

:slight_smile: hey patrear :slight_smile:

yeekh tfou chkoun li jay :frowning: = eww/oh Sht who’s coming (thats like the translation of it, but from what im guessing someones maybe said this to you at the start of a convo, in which case it would be like ewww/ah sht look whos here but it couls of been meant as a joke)

and ahlan twa7chnak feen ghbrtii = heyy missed you where you been hiding (i dont know if this is the literal translation of feen ghbrtii, but i know ghbarti meens like youve been gone for a long time, so it could be where’ve you been)

hope i helped :slight_smile:

Wow there’s the word I’ve been trying to figure out how to use - “twa7chnak”
Merci beaucoup ala alkhaber jadeed!

I’ve heard “yekh tfou” used in context before too. Now I know what it means LOL

thank you, haha yes its a little bit funny.