the verb ''hate''

  1. I hate him
  2. I hate her
  3. I hate them
  4. He hates her
  5. He hates him
  6. She hates him
  7. She hates her
  1. I hate him : kankerho
  2. I hate her : kankerha
  3. I hate them : kan kerhom
  4. He hates her : ki kerha
  5. He hates him : ki kerho
  6. She hates him : kate kerho
  7. She hates her : kate kerha

really this translation made me remember that is the first time that I’m hating a person … :frowning:

You got the northern accent from Ysmina

here’s the southern one:

  1. I hate him…kankarho
  2. I hate her…kankrahha
  3. I hate them…kankrahhom
  4. He hates her…kikrahha
  5. He hates him…kikarho
  6. She hates him…katkarho
  7. She hates her…katkrahha

Note : both “she hates her” & “you hate her” can be spelled as “katkrahha” (regardless what accent it is).

thanks guys so much :slight_smile: ps yasmina sorry i didnt mean to remember you of it :frowning:

paperbird @ : is normal if I am chamaliya. but the good thing that I understand the other dialect :wink:

esmeraldababa@ : don´t worry, I’m not sad for reminding me, because now this person is nothing in my life :smiley:

omg I forgot to ask the most important thing : I HATE YOU haha :smiley:

But I heard ‘‘She hates him’’ means ‘‘mat7amlouch’’ or sth like that?!?!?!

ma kat7amloosh is equivalent for “she doesn’t like/can’t stand him”

can you pls tranlate me those things i asked for in ‘‘7amel’’ (it think thats the ferb then) :slight_smile:

  1. I hate him…ma ka n7emloosh
  2. I hate her…ma ka n7melhash
  3. I hate them…ma ka n7melhomsh
  4. He hates her…ma ki 7melhash
  5. He hates him…ma ma ki 7emloosh
  6. She hates him…ma ka t7emloosh
  7. She hates her…ma ka t7melhash