The Ten Last Days

How time flies!
I wish everyone a very fruitful last ten days of Ramadan, and hope that you’ll get the most benefit of the blessings. May Allah accept all our good deeds and reward us with the best in the exceptional month. Ameen.

Allah y7fdek ya SM :slight_smile:
3aleena w 3aleek :smiley:
ameen ya Rabb xx

ya rabbi ameen
3lina ou 3lik inchallah


taqabal Allah minna wa minkom :slight_smile:

ameeeeeeeen :smiley:
aww we’re like a little community
i love this :smiley:
we’re all over the world from all over the world but we’re all moroccan ;):wink: [i wish] … :lol:

We ARE a community ;), and it’s interesting how we are all from different backgrounds but still are unified with one main passion: Morocco :).

YESSS :slight_smile:
it is, and i dooo love it :hap:

me too! i dooooo love Morocco :hap: and i wish to you all to live this ramadan and its last ten days in faith.ameen

ameeen, you too sarah :slight_smile:

Thank you, Sarah zzwina :).

this year i’m just following and observing my friends and my guy fasting and living this special atmoshere of ramadan, i’m not confirmed as muslim inshallah next year i’ll fast(inshallah!!!):wink:

In sha Allah :).


awwww all the best, sarah :hap: