The Person Below Me...

Salam 3alikom

Let’s play this game: the person below me is …
here’s how it works : the person below me likes coffee
whatever who’ll be the next, would have to say, it’s true, or not?, and ask another question, to next poster… it’s pretty much easy


the person below me likes this forum :slight_smile:

Yes I do.
the person below me loves to watch TV

Yes. :blush:

The person below me speaks French.

I know a little bit

The person below me doesn’t play video games

Yes, I don’t play them.

The person below me loves Morocco.

Yes, I do

The person below me has a secret

Everybody has at least one secret…

The person below me is a woman.

Yeah :^^:.

The person below me doesn’t like chocolate.

:no: ok, I don’t like all kinds of chocolate but I wouldn’t survive without any chocolate at all… I just have to be sure there isn’t milk in it.

The person below me does like tea.

Yes, I do … Special Moroccan tea

The person below me is hungry

Food? Did you mention food?
Yes, I am hungry. Kâyn mâ ytkâl?

The person below me finished school.

Of course Food, a ch’7eb lkhater?

No, not yet

The person below me has black hair

Hmmm, I finished school, but I didn’t graduated yet from university.

The person below me likes to cook.

Maybe we could start a 2nd one of these in the exercise section in darija?

Oh, we posted at the same time, no I have something between blond and brown hair.

Question is above…

Sure, feel free to launch a Darija version of this game.

Yes, I like to cook, but only when I feel like doing it and when I am in a good mood.

The person below me is under 25.

Yeah, but I don’t know for sure what “The person below me” means in Moroccan.

You again with your age question…

You can say: Llî jây/jâyya mn b3d mnnî… then you conjugate the verb in both forms, masculine and feminine ;).

You didn’t confirm or deny the last statement ;).

Yes, I wait for somebody else to do that… I also didn’t put up a new statement.

Li jaya/jay mn ba3di labssa/labss trikou azra9