The last movie / tv show you saw

Why not sharing what we’ve been watching, so we get to know each other’s taste & mean of entertainement :slight_smile:

Last thing i saw was: egyptien comedy movie “el 3iyal herbet” (the kids ran away) :^^:

I keep renting different consecutive episodes of “Lost” as I keep ironing the never ending stacks of laundry which refuse to keep accumulating at my feet. Ugh!

CSI NewYork

Hidalgo. Didn´t like it.

Have no TV at the moment (and don’t usually watch it very much anyway) but I’ve seen Little Britain on DVD. Always hilarious. And Catherine Tate on Youtube. Last thing I saw on telly was probably L-word. Too glossy for my taste but still quite nice.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic … damn that sucked big time waisted 104 minutes of my life on that movie :cry: :mdr: