The forum was down again - 09/14/09

I wrote a notice here two days ago (09/12/09) about the server issues our hosting company experienced, in order to let you guys know that there was nothing we could do but wait.
Surprisingly enough, and despite the Lalla’s treats, the hosting company didn’t pull itself together at all, and the forum -and website- were down again the whole day yesterday. Moreover, I didn’t even have enough time to make a backup, and now you can all notice that many messages were lost.
We are really disappointed with this company, and this is not the first time such a thing happens with them. Now as I write these lines, I received no notice from them about the lost data. Let’s just hope that the forum won’t go down again.
Sorry about any inconvenience this might have caused. And we mean it (unlike shi nas).

The Lalla is getting old , her treats are of no big deal anymore :rofl:

Thank God the data loss is only the record of 2 days, it’s 2 days right ?

Yes, it’s just two days, since the newest forum posts are from 09/12.
I am still expecting an answer from them about the whole fuss.

aaaaahhh i didn’t show them the size of my walking stick, its why they don’t take us seriously!

on a serious note, that is rubbish, are they really that careless? oh my Allah :roll: Admin, like i said, we are content, still. I think we should just pray it doesn’t happen AGAIN & Inshallah it won’t.

even so, Life goes on… :slight_smile: walhamdulillah.