the deal with wa7yat.....

what exactly is implied with “wa7yat…” eg. wa7yat 3ini, wa7yat Allah etc. I know that people use wa7yat Allah to convince someone else that they are not lying, similar to wallahil adeem or waha’ arrab (sp?), bs why is it wrong to say it?

also, i know this hasn’t much to do with darija, but what does “Allah 3layk” mean? I hear it in songs etc. and it sparked my curiosity


Simply it’s not good to swear with someone’s life because Allah only permets us to swear with him. wa7yat should not replace wallah.

Alah 3alik: is an expression of …mmm :unsure: like when u wear a good suit & they look at u & say “Allaaaah 3alyk” :okay:

or when u tell a funny joke, they say the same…

sorry for the quick explanations, i’m just having a quick look i have to go…& didn’t wanna leave u without explanations :smiley:

quick explanation??? brovaaaaaa this was perfect, super thanks!! i didnt notice before the 7ayat in wa7yat, makes much more sense to me now…

llah ybark fik :ok: :okay:
superbird wallahil adeem

wi heyaaatak 3andi
na na na abli ma tsafir

[quote=Za3ma]wi heyaaatak 3andi
na na na abli ma tsafir
lollll :smiley: I thought of this song too when i read the topic :wink:

out of curiosity Aicha, in which song have u heard “Allah 3alik” (Tamer??), or was it moroccan? just out of curiosity biba :slight_smile:

im not a tamer fan, and i heard it in many places actually… i think it was from youtube, ehab tawfik and some others… can’t remember which song it was exaclty from, also i heard some people say it, that’s when i actually remembered it and came here to ask.

yeah aicha I see :slight_smile:

Ur not a tamer fan? Wallah? He’s my fav masri male singer :slight_smile:

really??? when it comes to masry songs, im a massive fan of amr diab, amr mostafa, amr shgfhsdj and amr djhgfjsgdj too & amer mounib jjjjj too many amr’s… i like mohamed hamaky and so many others too, excluding tamer hosny… i like his support for palestine and all but i just don’t feel any electricity between me and him :stuck_out_tongue: so i don’t listen to him