The 1000th member : who ?

We’re 2 members away, who’s gonna be the member # 1000 ?!!

they should get a prize…like one of lalla’s t-shirts that she never made…or a post from SM or something

I hope it wouldn’t be a spammer !

Don’t worry, I keep deleting them spammers. I was actually thinking about deleting all old spammers that I banned before, so that the 1000 members would all be “real”, but that would just mess up your minds since you’re following the members count and are waiting for the 1000th :).

I agree Admin, don’t delete them, I’am afraid if you do, we will be waiting for the 100th member !

What do you think of the 1000th member leonoraprice? Is he or is he not a spammer? Sometimes they don’t show their spammy activities at first…
I was hoping to get an active 1000th member.

A spammer, I’ll ban and delete him.

You’ll have to keep waiting for the 1000th member. Or better yet, invite someone you know :wink:

Can i register with another account :mdr:

no one’s gonna know if you do it !

no one’s gonna know if you do it ![/quote]
Administrator will know it !!
their ip will be similar

no one’s gonna know if you do it ![/quote]
Administrator will know it !!
their ip will be similar
It’s not a big deal to change IP, i’m used to proxies.

so who was the 1000th member ?

It was [large]‘jacobbarma’[/large]


Let me clear something here. Since I delete spammers, the 1000th member was not really the 1000th member…
There is a way to find out, though.
If you click on my profile it gives you this: - which means that I am the 2nd member to register.
So, if you want to know who the 1000th member really is, check this out:
Then, you can also find our your own ID.
631, 658, 1120… who’s who?

nice…i wish i had a cooler number though :S

that’s interesting…
My ID number here btw turned to be the day when I was born :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: