Text Translation

Can anyone help translate the following:

bghit ngoul likoum rah nas welaw tsetaw safe mab9ach lhteeram o sabr

I want to share(tell) , that people are gone mad, there is no respect or patient any more (that’s the translation)

So welaw tsetaw means gone mad?
How would you write that in Arabic script?
And how could you say: He has gone mad or she has gone mad?

Welaw means become, tsetaw means crazy. In this sentence it means gone mad or become crazy or People has lost it. To give your more context. Moroccan Darija is actually only a spoken language, so when writing it people use standard Arabic which means that this sentence would be completely different. I am Native in Moroccan Darija, but my standard arabic is very Basic as I Lived all my life outside of Morocco.