Text Messaging in Darija

Hi, I got this text message and I’m not sure what it means, does anyone know?

ma3mrk t9wlili kra7ni 7it nti fi 9albi.

I get all of the sentence except the ‘kra7ni’ part.

Also, does anyone way I can learn how to text in darija using a keyboard that has french letters. Basically, I want to learn how to write messages like the one above in bold, how can I learn how to text? I understand messages most of the time but I find it really hard to reply. I am moroccan and can speak darija ok???

Help would be greatly appreciated.

the only way u can learn it is chatting a lot with moroccans :smiley: … coz there r many ways :stuck_out_tongue: many moroccans confuse vowels in text messaging … for example : u can write FEN or FIN ( where )
i can give u lalla aisha’s facebook :smiley: if u want … u can chat with her she will help u a lot to forget ur darija i meant to write well ur darija :stuck_out_tongue:

about the word above … ive never heard it before … sorry cant help u

yes yes i agree, I hear that lalla aisha has taught many desperate darija learners a great deal of darija and now all her students are fluent speakers… but for some reason she still has trouble speaking herself :S i think she’s getting old

i too, couldn’t figure out what kra7ni is.

u don’t need french letters, just change your english sounds to the french equivalents, by using ch instead of sh, r instead of gh, ou instead of u/w etc.

example: shukran would transform into choukrane

I found out what kra7ni means!!!

‘hate me’

SO the text says, ‘never say “hate me” becaause your in my heart’

is that right??? i dunno???

anyways, thx and yh it’d be great to get lalla aicha’s fb add.


ahhhh ok ok its krahni not kra7ni :smiley:

and lalla’s FB is : Lalla A.H :^^:

LMAOOOOOOOOO, I didn’t know that we were related a weld 3ammmiiiiiiiii!!! :blink:
YOU B.N times a million :fouet: :roll:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u wish :stuck_out_tongue:


i just realised your name IS lalla aicha