Tecktonick Maroc


I am not sure how many of you have heard about tecktonick before, for those who haven’t it is basically a mix of hip hop/ trance and cyberpunk. Very much originated in france… Paris. 3 days ago i have seen a ad on Maroc TV for pepsi which was promoting Tecktonick to its targeted young audience.
i like the response i got from my family member after seeing this … Willi ashhadshe !!! :blink:

thanks for the explaniation…in fact i never heard about this tipe of music,but i saw many people with this name,or logo,on they blog…so thanks again for let me know:okay:

It’s a dance, not a music, right?
That girl doesn’t look like dancing techtonik to me, in fact.


This report from 2M will give a better understanding Of Tecktonick. what i know is that it is music/dance and the first of its kind to be registered trademark.