technology can be sooooo cuuuute :P

voici une video d1 couple ki ont changé leur statu sur facebook while they r gettin married in a church :smiley:

facebook marriage

looolll i liked when he said : ur officially married in facebook, in my book hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

lolllll and not only his own status, he gets his wife to change hers too hhh
ya rebbiii what a world it has become :smiley:

hahahhahahahhahahahah its a cool idea looooll next time the priest is gonna get a facebook account and make an aplication : do u wanna get married in the virtual churche ? loooooolllllllll

yeah but its showing how virtual our worlds becoming :unsure:
next we’ll be getting married/divorced on social sites and god knows even murder!!! lol :unsure: ok maybe not but its a thought :roll:

:no: why couldn’t he just send her a kiss application in the end !!!

stupid !

come oooooooooooooooooon duuuudes that was funny wellah :smiley: … do u hate the virtual world tal had daraja :S ???
personally i dont :stuck_out_tongue:

he brought her phone too

yeah darouri dialha lol :smiley:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaa3raaaaaaaaaaa hadiiiiiiii :mdr:
Actually I think that the virtual world has become a part of the real world !!! sometimes it’s kinda confusing !! but we just gotta know how to deal with It !

:okay: yerdi 3lik