Tagine of Lamb, Peas and Carrots


  • Water
  • Salt
  • Saffron
  • Cumin
  • Coriander
  • Olive oil (or other)
  • Onions
  • Lamb meat
  • Green peas
  • Carrots

If you don’t have a Moroccan tagine, that looks like this:

Then you can use a pressure cooker.

In the tagine, put the olive oil, and let if for while.
In the meantime, take a bowel, add salt, safran, cumin…3la 7asab ddoq dyalkom, as they say in our cuisine TV shows, (= depending on your preferences/taste) to the meat. Add also some coriander.
This mix of spices and coriander added to the meat is called in Darija “tshrmoola”.

Add cut onions to the oil, and then add the meat. Let it for a few minutes, and turn the meat from time to time.
When you see that your meat started to change its color, add a small cup of boiled water, and close the tajine again.
Finally, add green peas and carrots cut to slender pieces.
When you see that the meat and carrots are ready to be served, then do so.

Enjoy your meal, and let me know when you try it :).

Hi !

Have you tried some other meat instead of Lamb, cause in Slovenia, its very difficult to get it ( I mean not every butcher has it).

I will try to make it, and then will take a photo of final dish :slight_smile:


We use all kinds of meat to make a tajine. There are fish tajines, chicken tajines… It’s just that for every type of meat, there are vegetables that suit it better. I’ll be posting other recipes later on inshallah.
Can’t wait to see your result :wink:

By the way, don’t eat it with a knife and fork, otherwise it will have nothing Moroccan anymore! Eat if with bread, using your hands ;). Would you try?

I will try chicken meat then, during the weekend, and will make a photo session since the begining :slight_smile: so I will have documented as well.

Will report, and attach some pics here.


Hi !

Im done with my first Tagine which was delicious. So now we will see comments and then I will try to improve it for the next time.

I made picture presentation as well and it is attached bellow. Enjoy :slight_smile:



Oh, i so love the cooking section- :slight_smile: keep posting on the delicious cuisines- i love to cook and eat-i haven’t tryed to cook moroccan food just yet- but-- i am willing to learn-- :slight_smile:

[quote=Butterfly]If you don’t have a Moroccan tagine, that looks like this:
Then you can use a pressure cooker.[/quote]
I really need to get a pressure cooker- I wanted to get a Tagine- don’t think i can find it here in my area-will have to go to the big citys and look-

Well, you can use simply a pot, like Alesh did.

Now some comments for Alesh :). You did a really great job! That’s not bad at all for a first experience with the Moroccan cuisine.
The meat was sliced into very small pieces. In Morocco, we cook in tagine meat that is cut in slightly bigger pieces. It’s only after it’s served that we “share” it. Your tagine misses some “sauce”, it’s a little bit too dry. Maybe because you didn’t add enough water, or because you left it cooking till it all vanished.
For other details, like the quantity of oil and the way onions should be cut, I think that it was all my fault, as I wasn’t specific enough. But as I said in the other thread, that’s how it is for us.
What matters is that you enjoyed your meal, and you’re in for having new experiences with the Moroccan cuisine ;).

PS: Very lovely slides !