Switzerland: again with banning minarets !

Again & again & again with more & more & more hypocracy from Europe specifically Switzerland with the same funny phrases : “we have nothing against muslims, we have against radicalism” - says the “yes” voters ! (57,5%)

Already, 3 of the Swiss parliament & a French minister spoken against the ban proposal, while the Dutch 17min “Fitna” maker adds his voice to the Swiss party.

“Minarets are a symbol of radicalism” - confirms the Swiss party :blink:

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History of the issue from Wikipedia

its only a question of time duuude … next time the votes will be less than 50% as in many other countries
but wa7d l9adi … they r tryin to ban churches too a sat ach katsenna mn bachar b7al hada :smiley: aysed9o 3la jwame3 ???

It is true that Swi is a secular state, but stll…they have the cross on their flag !!

Their constitution allows freedom of faith, which means any move against mosques & churches is a major hypocracy.

what does freedom mean ??? :smiley: this word for me is like OVNI … everybody talks about it but nobody has seen it

europe is nonly hypocracy
w racy ya racy

:S that’s plain hypocrisy, and they talk about human rights haaaaaaaaaaah what a joke

Democracy is a system where the dictator is a government, or a mass excercising pressure to achieve a result. It’s not the perfect way to deal with the human communities/beings.

I fully understand this anti-islamic attitude, people there are seeing this religion as a black one, due to the manipulated perception they have. When the information is correct, it does not synchronize with their cultural heritage, but this cannot be an alibi to explain the contadiction raised by this decision (I dont see any respect of the Secularism concept…).

Anyway, this would be a little bit “fair” if it’s applied to all of the religious symbols (of all of the religions, but no Secularism here again…)