Swedish Authorities Refuses Elvis For a Girl's Name

[quote]STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 4 (UPI) – A Swedish couple has been told that Elvis is not an appropriate name for a girl, at least in Sweden.

The couple said that they picked the name because they like the sound, The Local reports. The most important quality they wanted in a name for their daughter, now 5 months old, was that it be gender neutral.

“We talked about lots of names and then Elvis popped up,” the mother told the newspaper Metro. “We thought it was a name that was both pretty and gender-neutral. We’re not Elvis Presley fans at all.”

The National Tax Board disagreed, telling the parents that Elvis “is a first name of a masculine type.”

Last year, a couple that picked the name Metallica for their daughter was allowed to keep it after a long fight with officials.[/quote]

Elvis is sure a masculine name! What made them think it was gender-neutral?
That would be like a Moroccan couple trying to call their baby boy Ilham! Even if there is Ilham Al madfa3i, an Iraqi male singer, Ilham isn’t but a feminine name.

This recalls me the pre-Islamic society!
People used to give their children really terrible names as " war" or " dog" ! :blink:
Fortunately, Islam prohibits such degrading names ! It is a good thing that an authority prohibits such names and defends these poor children against their indelicate parents!:okay:

Yes, I totally aggree