Suggest an Avatar


I would like to have an avatar that matches my nickname, but can’t find anything ready-made. So I am offering you the unique opportunity to design something simple, neat, and lovely for me. In exchange, you will get my full gratitude. That’s a deal you can’t ignore.


LOL DL that’s definitely an offer that cannot be ignored! hence, why i’m responding :stuck_out_tongue:

Once i get home i’ll upload some crafty stuff, inchallah.

Voilaaaa, Copyrighted LallaAicha :wink:

theyre not great, but thats all i was capable of with paint… tsk tsk tsk

Some i didn’t do myself, the ones i did are obvious.

To make any one your avatar, simply download and probably resize them, - that is if you like any to begin with - :unsure:

Thank you, LallaAïcha, friendly moderator, for taking the time to help me.

Most welcome, so you went and chose the most… ugly one. lol j/k. Bssa77a