Star Academy Algeria...

lqit video 3la mad


hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kon makanch dzayri lol hania ngoul rah ana … mais domage jebtih algerian

mais bon sara7a 3ndo fom gharib 3ajib looolll

i posted this before, love this guy wellah

he is not married btw :smiley:

so what are you waiting for

lame homosexuality is Haram in islam … even though aint sure about its sexe :S

actually, i said that bcoz we’re not sure about YOUR gender… that guy is definitely a man, he’s ALGERIANNNNNNNNNN miya fl miya

hahahahahahahah if that means i can go to a women turkish bath :stuck_out_tongue: its ok for me hAhAhAhAhA

:open_mouth: that’s better for us, coz if you go there i can guarantee that you will be traumatised for life, no joke. My cousin is still suffering from what she saw that day, mskina

haahhahahahha what did she c :stuck_out_tongue: ??? plz say hhhh
duuuude if theyr like the moroccan bath , i already have an idea lol

you wish i’ll explain it to you, NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah one day u’ll explain it all :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s what u think :roll:

:smiley: thats the truth …

dak chi ghir opinion dialk li = zbel 7achakoum

hhhhhhhhhhh good one :smiley:
walakin wa7d nhar anfekrek :stuck_out_tongue:


sorry i tried to search in the forum
but didn’t find the video
so i thought ti’s new

the lady’s laugh is also veery funny

la, what happened in turkish sauna???

mad, u went to hammam d 3yalate as a kid???
waqila u kept going until age 14

lolllll it’s okay, not gonna sue you for it

about the turkish bath, sorry ladies and gentlemen but that’s for me to know :smiley:

we want to know
we want to know

every1 sing wiv me