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We are working on providing you with audio to help you improve pronunciation. We combine it with the words being read, and that results in Darija video materials that you can start enjoying from now!

We still need volunteers to record audio clips, so if you are a Moroccan native speaker, or know someone that wants to help, please drop us a line.

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Your suggestions are most welcome.


En vue de vous aider à améliorer votre prononciation d’arabe marocain, et puisque beaucoup d’entre vous l’ont déjà demandé, nous vons proposons enfin notre chaîne Youtube qui vous proposera des vidéos avec des audio enregistrés par des marocains.

Nous avons encore besoin de personnes qui se porteront volontaires pour enregistrer de l’audio. Alors si vous êtes marocain, ou vous connaissez quelqu’un qui veut bien participer dans notre projet, écrivez-nous !

N’oubliez pas de vous abonnez à la chaîne SpeakMoroccan sur Youtube pour rester à jour concernant les vidéos ajoutées. Ne vous gênez pas non plus pour noter les vidéos, les commenter et les partager.
Nous sommes ouverts à vos suggestions.

Great :okay: i took a look there, good start :wink: i just have a lil suggestion; i saw that there’s 2 versions of each video…
my thought is, why not create a french channel apart & leave that for english (or the opposit,no difference), this way , french-speaking people won’t have to look between the videos to find the french versions, the same as english-speakin people. they’ll just go directly to their languge’s channel…

I understand that having only one channel is better for spreading the word, & also better regarding bringing people’s attention to one single channel that’s related to this one single site. i mean gathering all languages brings the largest number possible :ok:

just a thought :^^:

FINALLY :smiley: That’s great news, 7amdulillah now we have audio to help us out even more, thank you so much the SM team, Allah ykhllikom, ya RAB.

mabrok!!! :D:D:D:D

I think PaperBird is right, but there is no need for two diff accounts, you can simply create a French Playlist and an English Playlist on the one channel. If you need any guidance with that Admin, let me know.

Thanks everyone.

I actually did that, but I am not sure it shows up right in the channel.

Hmm i just checked and it doesn’t show up the way i described it, yours is simply a video log, what i meant was actual “Playlists”, i think you need to create playlists first and then add the videos into them, if you have problems let me know, i can guide you step by step. Good luck

True, a playlist must be created first, then you select videos either from your channel or from favourites, & then “select play list” & “add”…too simple.

Here is what playlists on a channel look like:

Thanks guys. The playlists are now added, and you can clearly see French and English resources separately.

Great, they look good.

This is so good! Wonderful :hap:

Just a note, guys, the videos will be posted in this section too, so that you can post your questions, comments, and remarks here. That will make it easier for those of you who do not have a Youtube account to have a say too, and also for us to have our “insider” discussions.