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great idea … thats gonna make the forum more famous :wink:

Hooorrraaaaaaaaayy :smiley: hokey dokey :okay:

yay! were expanding…next stop TWITTER lol

Mini, I am considering that too. The more exposure, the best.

lol if the forum gets twitter i can imagine how it’ll be…

new update: mad just spammed the forum with his single smiley posts

01:00 : LA and Mini ganged up on mad and are beating his a$$ to the ground

02:00 : DL and PB just took mad to the hospital for treatment

03: 00 : LA and Mini will be charged with manslaughter, however the forum is not responsible so it will continue running as usual

nevertheless, thanks for the new group a admin dialna :slight_smile:

Nice idea admin.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

LOOOOOOOOOl 3icha how cool would that be?? detailed analysis of a typical day in SM haha :wink:
ppl would think we were a bunch of psycho’s here hehe :cool:

Who said we aren’t already :hi: :na: :hit: :crazy: :girlie: :pilot:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u c mini i told u she always starts :stuck_out_tongue:

hhhhhh PB is right, who said we’re not already crazyyyyyyyyyy a mini :hap:

7na ga3 psychos in disguise :smiley:

:secret: shoooooosh we dnt want ppl to know that…:wistle:

:roll: too late? everyone sees how nuts we go with posting :smiley:

true true but its normality for us so when u say psycho’s…i have no idea what ur talkin about :angel:

:stuck_out_tongue: sure