Speak Moroccan's Slogan

If you are to come up with a slogan for our forum, what would it be?
In English, en français, b darija…

be darija :slight_smile:

:smiley: Bnita isn’t asking in what language it should be, she is seeking suggestions…

Speak Moroccan… Feel Moroccan! [Too boring?]
Yo Yo! Moroccan in da house! [LOL, just kidding]

I like the first though. It’s about the fact that speaking a language doesn’t make you only communicate with people using it, it makes you absorb some of the culture as well. Mashi ghir aji w feel Moroccan of course, but you got the idea (I hope).

Love both your suggestions !

The first suggestion could be the official slogan, and the second the unoffical one ! :smiley:

I like the first suggestion:D

Thanks girls, that was like a really quick brainstorming.

Let’s come up with more! We can’t decide from 2 suggestions only. :wink:

To tell all of you the truth the first sounds very corny and the second is just plain ridiculous bkol sara7ah
how about Darija… Freestyle Arabic sounds like its promoting something or
some speak french some try to learn english but everyone loves alDARIJA

My second slogan is clearly a joke :hm:. But I meant the first to be pretty simple.

I like your first suggestion. Freestyle Arabic rocks!

Freesyle darija rocks

I just can"t see this without correcting, it’s : “addariija” not al… :wink:

Yea I guess your right, but darrija is not even an English word so theres no real grammar to correct .:fouet:hehe

Oh, Meriem wasn’t correcting in fact your English, but rather your Arabic. Please don’t take it badly, we are used here to point out mistakes to each other :), especially that most of our new members are beginners. But I guess that you’re very well advanced ;).
As for her remark, she is right actually. We don’t say aldarija, but rather addarija, because D is a sun letter.

@Salmaaa90 : what SimplyMoroccan said is right, and the reason why I said “I just can’t see this without correcting” is that many learner do such mistakes in Arabic, confusing lunar and solar letters, and since this web site & forum is for learners, maybe one of them when seeing your post, think that the word is written like you did, so they must learn it right :slight_smile: you can correct my English by the way, because I know I make mistakes :ok:

Speak Moroccan… Feel Moroccan… Be Moroccan that’s the first thing comes to my head.

Hmm, or maybe there are some good words starting with: d, a, r, i, j and again a…