Speak Moroccan store/tshirts

This is probably a really really realllllly stupid idea, but I thought that it would be fantastic if we (as in, you Mz.Admin) made tshirts or perhaps got tshirts with funky stuff on them (morocco related) and sold them to us via the forum, like a store or something… ive seen other forums before where they have their own little store and sell things to members from there and then the items get shipped/posted to the buyer… it’s all easy with PayPal nowadays… so waddaya think??? would it be too hard for you? and is this just a retarded idea?

I’ll be your first customer wallah :smiley:

oh and btw, not only is paypal easy, its SECURE too :slight_smile:

loooool LA … well we had the same idea in another forum ( a moroccan one ofcourse )
and sub7an allah just after postin a thread like urs … the forum was scoring 0 visits of members :no:

WHY but? what are people scared of? if they have suspicions they shouldn’t buy anything khalas.

looollll they were all catalans :smiley:

I’m serious about this idea, i thought of it when i was looking at ebay today, there are many tshirts there but not exactly they way we’d like it… we could produce something ourselves… I just want Admin’s feedback soon, I reckon i’ll get rejected :stuck_out_tongue:

hhahahha i’ll be happy … coz i think im the only one here who has his ideas rejected all the time :smiley:
anyway , its a good idea … i cant deny …

which idea of yours has been rejected hah?? you got the culture and religion section opened… what else?

:stuck_out_tongue: a section about mean words … the chat … making a video of mean words in darija … considerin a p*** star as a famous moroccan :stuck_out_tongue: … not editing my posts :smiley: just coz there r words like p*** and s** :smiley:
nzidk wla safi ???

your posts ALWAYS need to be edited, you can’t maintain a clean mouth… someone should chop off your tongue. and i would liek to have the honour, so you can’t say a dirty word for the rest of your miserable life hhhhh

the chat thingy is still in progress, mean words (?), making a mean video (?), considering a p star as a famous moroccan (get a life),

nzidk means?

btw you didn’t learn anything from the other thread? you cant say these words without some stars… please use them generously ( i mean the stars)

hahahahhahahahahaha LA ok ok ok i like Tom and jerry 's game :stuck_out_tongue:

who’s tom? and who’s jerry? and what the hell are you talking about? and what’s nzdik? and…?

who’s gonna be*

I’ll happily be jerry until i find out what you’re on about

LA, that’s a good idea. I also saw many boards suggest the same. I think that we can work on that in the future, but only if we have a good number of people interested in that. We can ask for t-shirts to be made only to keep them in stock :).
So SM members, feel free to drop by this thread for a “yes, I am interested”, or “no, don’t bother”.
I am very busy currently, so I can’t consider this closely now.

@ Madridista:
I edited your post myself. We really do not tolerate the use of some words on the board.
For the chat, we need stuff that are compatible with the nature of this forum. Inshallah when I have more time, I’ll see what I can do about it. This doesn’t mean that I am rejecting your idea. I actually have received many brilliant suggestions here, and I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to them yet. My bad.

That’s a mucho good idea i think… anyways im definitely interested ;D

ok admin i’ll try my best :wink: or maybe i’ll bring more ppl like ouazzani and we do a referendum here in the forum :stuck_out_tongue: wuahahahaha we r gonna win im sure

thanks Admin, once i’m clear i’ll defo help out :slight_smile:

Tafoukt, your t-shirt will be : I iz partnerz in Krime wiz zi Lalla :stuck_out_tongue: and it will be faboooor, all on me :stuck_out_tongue:

looolllll yeah tafoukt it will be fabour coz its gonna take u to jail :smiley:

Haha awesome LA :stuck_out_tongue: Mad your just jealous cuz you ain’t part of our familia of crime :smiley: