soul mate

is there a word for this in darija?


âme sœur

c’est du français MAD :slight_smile:

… it’s like MAD doesn’t know it’s in french :stuck_out_tongue:

really :open_mouth: i thought its darija :hm:

so gimme a darija name for Ordinateur

Maybe you can try a word of classical arabic for it like " ya ru7i"…it can work and be quite close to what you want to say…

“taw2am ro7” (soul’s twin) <— from Classic Arabic, we say that in Darija too :ok:

edit :
in fact , i doubt this is from classic arabic, i think it’s been arabized from western literature.

yes might be for i learnt the word " ru7" from " ru7 al qods"…which is not AS romantic AS it is used in egyptian movies!

So what is “amri”?

my life

or maybe does he me “Qamari”? or “2amari”? but sounds weird lol

2amri would be the word.

look guys, i told u before there’s no translation of this in darija :stuck_out_tongue: ADMIT IT !!!

What’s wrong with taw2am ro7 ?!

it ain’t darija, but just classical arabic :slight_smile:

The word “Darija” itself is classical arabic.

Darija is a mixture of words decending from so many classic languages & dialects, of which classic arabic has a big persentage.
the darija has no proper identity.

it’s a mixture right, but not classical arabic itself !! :slight_smile:

That does not mean the Arabic words we use in Darija are not Darija, otherwise it wouldn’t be Darija.

I won’t argue with u :wink: ok u’re right !!!