Songs in Moroccan Radio

I used to listened to Radio 2m, Medi 1 etc. and I really like most of the song that played. Doesn’t matter it arabic song, french song or english song.
My problem is I don’t know the title of the songs as well as the singers because they were unfamilliar with me (obviously).
If you don’t mind could you please list some of songs that you like that always listened from Moroccan Radio.
Thanks in advance.

I do not listen particularly to those two radios, so I do not know what songs they have on lately :hap:. But I know that generally there is some kind of “general” tendency of music going on, but since I don’t listen to the radio regularly, I can’t tell.
But did you check the music forum? Many of us post there our favorite songs, and of course latest hits and stuff. Let us know if you recognize any of the melodies :ok:.