someBowDiiii said this to me...

dnoubi kherjou fik

and what the hell is it?? :open_mouth: lol

sorry for giving the moros a headache with all the translation… but we love you! (esp. SM)


Dnoubi = My sins.
But the expression actually means: What’s happening to you is because you did bad to me, or you hurt me…
When someone hurts you, and then something bad happens to them, you tell them it’s like God took your revenge from them. And you say it using the above expression.

:^^: See? Love pays off ;).

oh my ALLAH… LOL ok thaaaaaaaaaanks so much SM :smiley: xx

I broke my ankle playing tennis, dnoubi kherjou 3liya :slight_smile: serioulsy it hurts. the only nice part about it is the pain killers, i feel awesome.

haha hope you get better, don’t take too much of those ‘painkillers’ or you’ll feel stooooned, and then your new name might be mstoni or something :stuck_out_tongue: