some words translation

these are words that i heard, so im not sure about their spellings…

1 malk (is that insulting to say to someone or is it a swear word? if so i apologise!)

2 3wteni

3 makadarsh

4 za3ma

5 mohim

Malk = what u want?
3wteni = Again
Makadarsh = Doesn’t hurt
Za3ma = If you say so
Mouhim = Well

THNx a lot

You’re very welcome friend ! :slight_smile:

can u please put each word in a sentence in darija with translation so that i can know in what context to use them?

1 malk: Malk m3assb = Why are you angry?

2 3wteni: Nmchiw lcinema 3wteni = Let’s go to the movies again.

3 makadarsh: I can’t.
Ana makadarch nmchi lpiscin hit kayna shta = I can’t go to the pool because it’s raining.

4 za3ma: Za3ma? Wesh bsaha matkadarsh tayab l3isha? = Really? You can’t cook dinner?

5 mohim: Mohim, khask tkra ktar! = Well, you need to study more!