Some words I like to know in Darija arabic


I would like to know the translation of the words below. If it’s possible I would also know the words in MSA.
I hope you can help me out! Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. To develop
  2. society
  3. racism
  4. jurisprudence
  5. etnic minority
  6. prosperity
  7. descend, come down
  8. to rise
  9. pronouncement
  10. durable
  11. durable energy
  12. Parliament
  13. Government
  14. prime minister
  15. Minister
  16. Ministry
  17. Politician
  18. Political parties
  19. Policy
  20. Constitution
  21. Congress, conference
  22. debat
  23. Discussion
  24. to lead a debate
  25. Argument
  26. term paper, extended essay
  27. examination
  28. researcher
  29. research study
  30. research report
  31. cultural deprivation
  32. to advise (an organisation)
  33. an organisation
  34. management
  35. voluntary, volunteer work
  36. to earn (money)
  37. to download

Ok, I know these are more than a few words. I hope you could help me out, cause I need this words.

  1. To develop…tatweer
  2. society…mojtama3
  3. racism…3onsoria / 3ir9iya
  4. jurisprudence ???
  5. etnic minority…a9alliya 9abaliya (or just a9alliya)
  6. prosperity…izdihar
  7. descend, come down…mon7adir
  8. to rise…tolo3 / irtifa3
  9. pronouncement…not9
  10. durable…da’ im
  11. durable energy…ta9a da’ ima
  12. Parliament…barlaman
  13. Government…7okooma
  14. prime minister…wazeer awwal / ra’ ees al wozara
  15. Minister…wazeer
  16. Ministry…wizara
  17. Politician…siyasy
  18. Political parties…a7zab siyasiya
  19. Policy…siyassa
  20. Constitution…dostoor
  21. Congress, conference…mo’ tamar
  22. debat…(did u mean debate)…monadara
  23. Discussion…ni9ash / 7iwar
  24. to lead a debate…9iyadat al monadara
  25. Argument…7ojja
  26. term paper, extended essay…ma9ala mowassa3a
  27. examination…fa7s / tajriba
  28. researcher…ba7itoon (Darija: ba7iteen)
  29. research study…ba7t / dirassa
  30. research report…ta9reer al ba7t / ta9reer ad’dirasa
  31. cultural deprivation…7irman ta9afy
  32. to advise (an organisation)…moshawara
  33. an organisation…monaddama
  34. management…idara
  35. voluntary, volunteer work…tatawwo3 / 3amal taw3y
  36. to earn (money)…jan’y / rib7
  37. to download…tanzeel / ta7meel

Most of the terms are not originally from Arabic culture, hence they’re prounounced in Darija just the same as in MSA (that’s MSA what i wrote above)

Shokran :wink:

ohh, and jurisprudence is like jurisdiction. I don’t know if that is in Morocco, but in Europe it is everything that lqa3d fil ma7kama says, is written down and everyone can read, what he says. It is very important, cause it is his interpretation of some rules of the law. Jurisprudence is like “unwritten” law.

I forgot, I thought 7okooma was Le droit in arabic. Not government :S So for my view what is le droit, as in I am studiying le droit?

for ur first question , i think its ma7dar …

droit = 7o9ou9 while 7okouma is government as PB said