Some Vocab.s

Just want to know the meaning of these:

  • rani

  • b7al b7al

  • is there something called “za3ma” and is it the same “zama” after this not-so-old popular song? (does anyone know it?)

  • And this part from a song, he said: “manich 3aref kefach ndeer ana fe 7aly?”, the question is does “ndeer fe 7aly” means to take care of myself? It looks like the shami “deer balak 3la 7alak” but I want to make sure cause it kinda don’t make sense in the song’s context…It’s more like to mean “control myslef”.

  • & the word “tefla” as I think means like “an age between being a girl and a woman” to be close, kinda means chebba (?). Anyway, the masculine version of it is tefl, or it has no masculine word? (cause I’ve never heard such)

  • finally, just to make sure, some sites divid darija into northern, eastern, & western. Darija in Casablanca is the western, right?


b7al b7al = kif kif = the same thing
rani = i am , especially when we’re talkin about a place , rani f caza = im in casablanca
sorry about ze3ma , i cant find words to explain it

ndeer f7aly = loolll rai music is gonna kill me in this forum , anyway i think he means : "i dont know what to do " coz 7aly here means myself

tefla means a girl and the masculine word is tfel , and this isnt darija :smiley:

well, about darija in morocco , i think we need to discuss it in a new post , coz there will be a lot of opinions
so mine is :

there is the northern darija ( tanger , tetouan , chaoun , laraache … )
the eastern ( oujda , and it looks like the algerian )
the western ( dukkala , 3bda … ) <=== casablanca is here
the center ( rabat , fez , meknes … )
in the moroccan sahara they speaks 7sania

we must also say that in the same region they may be some a few differences between cities
and personaly i think that the most popular darija is the one spoken in the centre of morocco

Isn’t za3ma = ya3ni ??? That;s what i know it as

yes lalla but it has another meaning too

It looks like I am following Madridista all around the place, but I am not. wink

  • Rani is not only about places. It’s just about confirming something, or making an announcement, or giving information. Rani mrid, rani msafer, …

  • Sa7rawi people say tfel and tofla. That’s Darija of course, specific regional darija. They do not all speak Hasania in the South.

Za3ma za3ma… It can mean “supposedly”, or “meaning”. Or “oh yeah?” when someone tells you something and you don’t believe them “za3ma?”.

which sahara r u talkin about ???

i agree with u on the other remarks , thnx dude

There is one Sahara, the Moroccan one.
I specifically meant people from Boujdour, Dakhla and Guelmim though. The areas I am familiar with.

Are you sure that I am dude? I may be a duda looooollll

PS: What’s with the long looollllz today?

hhhhhh ok if ur a duda hadik hdra okhra loooooooooooooollllllllll an yeah a looooong lol on this

Thanks alot for your replies everyone:slight_smile: I’m gonna ask again alot, and PS you can always give me close meaning from the Arabic language or dialects, I’m gonna understand…

tefl and tefla is fus7a, but as I was talking about tefla that I notice it’s prononced like “tofla” like DL explained. So the fus7a and darija atfal has the same meaning?

I had a question about “casa”; do you feel it offensive that non-Moroccans say casa? I’m asking this question because I had a Pakistani friend who once told me that “paki” is considered offensive to them from others…Just wanna make sure…

Thanks alot.

And yeah, about rai music: what is your own definition about rai music? Is it the ones that are composed by Algerians?

gret …
paki is an insult , but casa noo it only means casablanca :slight_smile:

about rai music , yes the rai fisrt born in algeria , then moroccans started singin Rai , and this is why they use a lot of words from d algerian dialect … however lately we heard talkin about the moroccan Rai , which for has none sens (thats a personal opinion )

as far as I know paki means holy, that’s y I was like, confused. So I felt like asking just in case…

and thanks for ur info about rai music. I can now figure it out :slight_smile:

Gretchen, i think we know the same “paki” that thinks its an insult to call a paki a paki, I don’t see how it is :hm: ALL my paki friends let me call them paki, and they don’t mind others saying it, in fact thats what they call themselves…

I really don’t inderstand this coz they’ll let u or their on selves call them “paki” but if a random person was to walk by and say “hey paki” they would consider it an insult and jump lol

well , the same thing happens with moroccans in spain … they call them MORO , and moro comes from Mauro which means in the dictionary of ‘‘La Real Academia Española’’ , someone from the north of africa ; however now it is used to insult moroccans … there r ppl who accept to be called MORO , coz it means nothin , and there r ppl who considers it a very biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig insult …
so i think PAKI is the same thing , it depends on the ton …

another example , in morocco the word ‘’ 3roubi" is an insult , but infact that just mean that a guy is coming from a countryside in regions where they speak only arabic

wa llaho a3lam

Yeah as mini said, that’s what a pakistani friend told me although she’s an immegrant and doesnt live there. She gave an example of the word that is accepted among african americans but considered offensive from outsiders. You know this word but I cant write it cause it’s offensve.

I think this notion about Moro or Moor came from the wrong picture Shakespeare, and others Elizabethan writers, gave in their dramas cause they meant to refer to the whole Muslims as Berbers…

The word 3roubi I think got the same effect of the word used here “fla7” it’s not an insult although narrow-minded people would use it to vex people from countryside who are educated but concerning languages they only know Arabic…

And I’ve to end as Madridista do: w-allaho a3lam…