some verbs and phrases

I posted recently asking for help with a private translation. I got no response yet, so I am continuing to try to understand it myself. I hating working on the topic, but I have learned a lot in translating. I don’t want to publicly post the whole conversation, but if anyone could help me to translate or explain the following verbs and phrases I would reaaaaally appreciate your help!! Even if you only know some and not all, your help is verrrry much appreciated!
It will help to know that these are from a conversation between a male and a female.

“brasha 3arfani mab9itch 9adr n3ich …”
“mafhamtch ki kayfakro” (I don’t understand…)
manl9awch b7alk
sir ewa sir chmen kanchw9ak
hada ma3mrou kan rajli ou 3emrou yekoun
“wellah makyhetou fiya”
“iwa o ntzawjo… ana oyak” (something about being married?)

Shoukran bzzaf - kat 3awni bzzzzzzaf.
(thank you so much - you help me a lot!!!) < is that even correct?

Can no one translate these words for me? Even if you only know some of them and not all, that would be a big help!

Thank you!!

“ana oyak” I think this could be “Me and you”… But I know very little so I shouldn’t say anything :confused:

“me and you” does make sense in the context.

Thanks for offering what you know! I appreciate your help!!

Anyone else??

it looks like private conversation to me so that is why i do not feel comfortable translating it for you, and it might be why no one else who understands it has yet either.

it is just depressing to see people only come on here to spy on their sig. others and not with the heart to learn the language. and you tell people that, and they keep posting their stuff on here, and re-replying asking why they are not getting help. and yes we understand the person is unfaithful or you fear they are or other justification but it is a private conversation…it’s for you and your sig. other to have discussion about and posting it here is really not cool (my opinion only). i liked when you asked if someone could translate something privately i think this is the appropriate channel. if no one answers then…no one that is checking here who is a moroccan feels comfortable translating your sig. other’s conversation for you-- think about that.

i am not trying to single you out, and i do apologize, but please understand this has happened so many times before on this site (again my opinion only)

@ achminfar9
I completely agree with you. It fact, I was so put off that I stopped looking at the site altogether for a while.
It’s a pity this forum has degenerated into an ‘agony column’ - although I have a certain amount of sympathy. I hope the forum can return to its orginal purpose of practising, improving and discussing darija.
Maybe we could also try and make it two-way,i.e help native darija-speakers with their English, in return for them helping us with darija ?

I’m sorry in advance, because this is going to be a long response.
To achminfar9 and lise,

I fully understand that this is a forum for language learners. And I understand that it has attracted too many people who are just seeking a quick translation (whether that is in regards to a suspected-cheating significant other or not I think is beside the main point). I think you (and probably others) are right in being put off by this! It’s not the original intention of the site, and it’s annoying that it overtakes the board.

I realize that you weren’t trying to single me out. But you did, of course. I am sorry if my posts are a sore sight for you here, but I am actually trying to learn the language. I don’t know why either of you have an interest in darija, but does it really matter? You and me both are here because we have that shared interest. My interest happens to be because my spouse is Moroccan. I hope to learn the language so I can better know my in-laws, better understand him, and help teach it to our children. This is a life-long interest. It has been on the backburner, because I have a busy life with work and grad school. If my interest is suddenly stronger because my husband left a message open on our computer where he was flirting with a girl, partly in English and partly in Moroccan, so what?

I ask for help with two translations - once in public and once in private. I’m sorry if this clogged up your message board. Frankly, in my quest to learn, I’ve found old conversations’ translations to be an invaluable resource - regardless of the subject! And I certainly don’t think that asking for translations for some pretty basic words is in violation of this forum’s purpose.
You don’t have to help if you feel some moral objection. If you must know, and I think I mentioned this in my first post, my husband is aware I have these conversations. I feel the need to know how far things went. He understands, and even started to translate them for me, but it was difficult for him and I felt it was cruel to push him to finish. I am trying instead to piece it together myself.

Finally, and this is only my opinion, to anyone who finds some moral objection to translating a private conversation:
I don’t endorse sneaking through a partners’ private things, to be clear. But how is it fair that someone like me could watch her spouse cheating right in front of her and allow it, simply due to ignorance? If you speak the same language as your spouse and discover them cheating, you will be at no disadvantage to understanding exactly what’s going on. I think the real moral objection would be knowing that inifidelity is going on (because you can understand the conversation), and allowing the cheated-on to continue on in ignorance (by not translating, or at the very least informing them very generally what is going on in the conversation). But again, this is just an argument for my personal opinion. You are entitled to have your own moral code.

Hi ElenaRose
I meant no personal offence with my comments, and I’m sure neither did ashminfar. Mine just came out of a frustration with the direction the forum has been taking, and I’m sorry if you were (understandably) a bit upset by the reaction.
I, like you, have a very personal interest in learning darija (apart from my general interest in language), as I have a Moroccan son-in-law. My daughter and he met in the early 90’s and have been married for nearly 20 years. (My only regret is that he has no patience as a teacher of darija, hence my slow progress;))

How about you, ashminfar ? Your darija is good, have you lived in Morocco ?

I hope we can all continue to learn here together, and that some native-speakers join again soon.:okay: