some traslations,,,,, thanks;)

salam aleikum!!!

i need your help for these translations in darija:

i’m studing =

when ?=

when we see us ?=

what do you want to drink? =

do you smoke? =

do you study? =

where do you live? =

where are you from? =

i go to sea =

i go to beach =

how much = ?

repeat , please =

repeat in italian, please =

speak slowly, please =

do you speak darija =

yes, i do. but i speak darija a little

no, i don’t speak darija

Ramadan Karim to you and your family !!! =

i hope that you have a Good Ramadan =

Allah help you!!! =

i’m alone without you =

i miss you, but you betrayed me =

THANKS :slight_smile:

Salam3likom Abeer,
I tried to make some sentences to help you, but be carefull, it certainly needs to be corrected:

I’m studing = Ana kanqla
When ? = Imta?
When we see us? = Imta 7na ghadi nshôfô ? I don’t know how to express the pronominal (in french: la forme “se voir”… “râsnâ” at the end of the sentence perhaps?
What do you want to drink: = Ash bghiti nshrb?
Do you smoke? = Wâsh nta(yya) / nti(yya) [kmâ]? (I don’t know how to conjugue this verb)
Do you study? = Wâsh nta(yya) / nti(yya) katqra (m)/ katqray (f)?
Where do you live? = Fayn / Fîn nta(yya) / nti(yya) tskn?
Where are you from? = Mnîn jiti? Mn blad jiti?
I go to sea= Ghadî nmshî l el ???.
I go to beach = Ghadî nmshî l elb7ar.
How much = B sh7âl?
Repeat, please = ???, 3âfâk.
Repeat in italian, please = ??? b litaliani, 3âfâk.
Speak slowly, please = Tkllm blati shwiyya, el Lah ibark fik.
Do you speak darija? = Wâsh tkllm ddarija lmaghribiyya?
Yes, I do. But I speak darija a little = Ah, ana kankllm. Walakin ghîr shwiyya.
Non, I don’t speak darija = La, ana makankllmsh ddarija.
Ramadan Karim to you and your family! = 3id makrouk / 3id s3id dyâl Ramadan lîk w mmâlîn ddâr.
I hope that you have a good Ramadan =
Allah help you = El Lah ysslmk.
I’m alone without you = Ana ??? bla nta(yya) / nti(yya).
I miss you, but you betrayed me =

Voilà, j’ai essayé…:roll: