some translation.-.-.-please

i’d like to know the translation of this phrases

ba8ia…kimma kat 9olo tuma tuansa…

m3a 7 ghadi nduzo alik bach nabchiuw la3bo kura

ana b zeff… -------->but…what is “zeff”? :blink:

l khil
l khir
fl bddala

thanks to you all :hap:

Hi, Sarazina2. I am just taking this as an exercise myself, so feel free to jump in, oh ye native speakers, at any time.

no change…just like they said, that place is full of Tunisians…

I am coming with her to get you and we will go and play ball

I am very --------------------> and when you ask “what is ‘zeff’”, what I can tell you is that, so far as I am able to ascertain, that ‘b’ is not a preposition, but a part of the word itself. There is a word used in Morocco to mean anger which sounds a little bit like ‘zeff’, but I think it is really more like z3af. For instance, I have heard people say, “siMohcin kay yz3af blkhaf”, which means something like, “si Mohcin gets angry over nothing”. Then there is an interesting word called, “zfta”, which means “asphalt”, derived from “tar”, and people will say, “Ma dirt 7ta zzfta”. meaning that they haven’t achieved anything. …But I am not a native speaker, and I am actually soliciting corrections and/or confirmations with my post.

lkhil is, maybe, vinegar…but that should be lkhal
lkhir is goodness, in the abstract
fi bddala means there is another one; you can switch
kbida means (my) little kidney, which is the organ that Arabs generally use the way we use heart

thank ummaryam for your help…

i also wait for other confirmation…

Oh no! I am so sorry, sarahzina 2…I translated kbida as kidney; it is actually liver. Kidneys, in Arabic, are kilwa/kilawa. My mistake…only one of many, I am sure.

ba8ia…kimma kat 9olo tuma tuansa… : Bakia ( i think it spelt like this not sre what the 8 is)…like the way you say it in tunis

m3a 7 ghadi nduzo alik bach nabchiuw la3bo kura: ill pick you up around 7 so we can go and play football

ana b zeff… -------->but…what is “zeff”? I think he meant by bezaf wich means " A LOT "

l khil.:vinegar
l khir: Goodness
fl bddala: dont know this 1…srry
kbida: means sweet heart

shukran 3la koulchi Marocrulz :hap: very clear

ur welcome sarahzina2! Any time :wink: