some translaaaaaaaaaation svp :)

sla wslam ala rasol llah ila jay la ja sidna mohamed allah wm3ah jay l3ali

i know what sla wsalam ala rasool llah means, but the next bit just lost me :expressionless:

and also:

lhamdo llah bramadan dayaz zwin

i kinda get it but what’s dayaz ??

twahachtek bzaf << and this, i think twahachtek means ‘i miss you’, so ‘i miss you loads’ - but am i wrong ?? i thought WAHECHTINI means ‘i missed you’ so i would have then thought that ‘twahachtek bzaf’ meant ‘YOU missed ME lots’ ?? :blink:

thanks in advance :hap:

I didn’t understand the first sentence…
and I don’t know what dayaz means… :sorry:

And tawhachtek means I miss you in darija
wahachtini means I miss you in other dialects…


ohhh i know about the twahechtik now :smiley: thankssss
marocrulz told me ‘dayaz zwin’ means going well :slight_smile:
and nobody seems to understand the first sentence :blink:
thanks, love !! :clap:

you’re welcome :smiley:

Nobody? Eh! Hello? :cool:
I always smile at the way people say that sentence. It’s wedding-specific, it’s assalato 3ala annabiyy (salla Allaho 3alayhi wa sallam), but said bizarrely.

Here is the correct version:
SSlâ w sslâm 3lâ rasôl Allah. Lâ jâh illâ jâh sîdnâ Mo7mmd. Allah m3a jjâh l3âlî.
[large]??? ? ??? ??? ??? ???. ?? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???. ??? ?? ??? ???[/large]
Prayer and peace be upon God’s messenger. There is no high rank but the one of our master, Mohammed. May God be with the high ranked (prophet).

Now that’s a rough translation, but I hope it helps.

MarcoRulz is right about the dayaz part.

For missing, the verb is tw77sh.
I miss you = tw77shtk.
You miss me = tw77shtini.
Wa7ashtini was always confusing to me. It’s like you’re reversing the verb, and it gets stuck in my mind: “wwwwait, who misses whom?” -mdr-.

So tw77shtk bzzaf = I missed you loads.

SM fil khidma :).

SM fi barakat Allah inchallah :hap:
thanks bzzaffffffffff :D:D
i got the first sentence, just when the ‘jah’ word came in - i got lost :blink:
and you’re right about the wa7chtk verb thing - i have the same issue :lol:

thnx :slight_smile: