some sentences english-darija and darija-english

hi people!
can you help m with transalting these sentences?

ntbakat wahd tliba

then these short sentences from english to darija:

talk to me in arabic
answer him
don’t say a word
it smells like flowers
the smell of jasmine is so sweet


Hdar m3aya bil3arbiya, ( if you’re addressing a guy) hadri m3aya bil3arbiya) if you’re addressing a female)
Matghoul hatta kalma ( if you’re addressing a guy) or ( matgholi hatta kalma, if you’re addressing a female).
Tayatchoum b7al ri7att elward
Ri7at elyassamine 7louwa.

thanks Aflatoun! what does it mean ntbakat wahd tliba?

I am assuming the words of your sentence are: ntalbak wahd tliba if my assumption is correct, then my correct English translation of your darija sentence, would be: Can I ask a favor of you?

yes,it is writen like this :slight_smile: so thanks again for the guess and the translation

You are quite welcome, Sarahzina2