some more translations =P

Hello again! hahaha I was wondering if you can translate these phrases!

  • qalk ossama kaysl 3lik

  • (girls name) nabrik ou namote 3lik

  • fach kata9ray

-3andak chi sadi9

-malki mabarach tjwabi

  • slmi 3la (girls name) bzaf

-salut ach tata3wdi

Thanks in advanced!! :hap:

Sure :slight_smile:

- qalk ossama kaysl 3lik
That’s more probably kaysllm, not kaysl.
Ossama is saying hi to you.

- (girls name) nabrik ou namote 3lik
(Girl’s name), I love you to death.

- fach kata9ray
At what level are you studying?

-3andak chi sadi9
Do you have a (male) friend? (That’s more likely asking about having a boyfriend)

-malki mabarach tjwabi
Why don’t you want to answer?

- slmi 3la (girls name) bzaf
Send my very warm greetings to (girl’s name).

-salut ach tata3wdi
Hi, what’s up.

thank you so much!! :smiley: