Some fos7a phrases :D

ok, i’m currently preparing an oral presentation in fos7a, like i told you guys, now i want to say the following, but in fos7a… and you don’t need to write them in arabic scripts, latin alphabet is fine, i’ll get what you’re saying

  • ‘up to’, example: they speak up to 7 languages

  • very crowded ex: this city is very crowded

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’ll be back for more …

I don’t wanna get scratched by Doudi :no:
???/??? ?? ??? ???
???/??? ?? ??? ???
??? ?? / ?? ???

??? ?? ??? ??? ???

??? ???
??? ???
?? ??? ???

??? ??? ??? ???


thanks a lot bro, however it won’t be a written assignment, i’ll need to pronounce these words so its better if you mark the short vowels ie. kasra, fatha w damma… coz im not sure if i say “yatakallamouna sab3 lughatin” or “yatakallamouna sab3 loughatan” because here its the object so it would be in accusative case, but im not 100% sure if it changes…

also with ??? is it mozdahima or mozdahama or mazdahama ? this is why short vowels are so important :slight_smile:

thanks bzaf akhay!!

Yata7addathu sab3a lughatin
Yata7addathu fi 7ududi sab3i lughatin

Hadihi 'lmadeena mozda7ima jiddan

anythin else :^^:

nope, thank you very very very much!!! :hap:

salam bro, i have a few more stuff i want in fos7a, if you can be bothered :slight_smile:

  • therefore, (ex: I loved that country, therefore i recomment you to go there too)

  • talented (ex: they speak 7 languages, they are talented alaysa kathalik?)

And just a correction, I’m saying “Kolli shay’in mawjoudon”, (everything is present/there)… is that the right way?

chukran bzaf akhay, you’ve been really helpful already, if anyone else wants to jump ahead and answer that’ll be fine too :slight_smile:

oh oh just one more thing:

is it fi sanatin alfayni w sitt or fi sanatin alfayni w sittati ?

thanks :slight_smile:

fi sanat alfayn wa sitta or fi sanati alfayni wa sittatin

chukran a sat.


fo your context <— Lithalik ??? or Litha ???
Ithan ???
Bi’ttali ???


Mawhoobeen/boon ???/???
Mawhooban if they = 2

Kollo shay’in mawjoodon (hunak/ka=there/huna=here)

anySing else :ok:

barakallahu fik brov!!! ma3ndi mansalek wellahi billah

here’s a little something for you… though it’s virtual…

salam khoya, me again (unfortunately)… i have my lucky last question, and my oral is on monday so u will be freeeee once i do it :stuck_out_tongue:

ok, so to end my speech, i will be saying a phrase, and before i say “shoukran” i want to say something like “finally”… is it nihayatan?

edit: nevermind i found it

you can say : “Akheeran” or “wa fi l’aakhir” or “wa fi l’khitam”.
nihayatan is also right. or u can say: “wa onhi bi…” (& i end with saying…)

yeah thanks :okay:
make du3a ah, i hope i make sense when i present

Is your presentation too long ? i’m asking if there’s a possibility to post it here, maybe we can correct you any suspected words/expressions :wink:

it’s okay bro, thanks for the offer though. :ok: