So i'm kinda wondering....

What are the best songs ever made by Moroccan artists? -In your opinion-

I wanna expand my horizon concerning Moroccan artists, i’m stuck with the new generation stuff, i wanna go back in time :smiley: yalla shoot some good Moroccan stuff here, llah ykhllikommmmm

I could not find anyhing at the moment…i’ll try later, just if you’re looking for old Moroccan songs, do not click on anything that starts with “shab” or “shabba”, in fact do not bother getting into an Arabic music page that says “aghani maghribiya”…

L.O.L, ok.
but please come back and post some names… :slight_smile:

M’kay…here’s sth genuine stuff…check the last section that says “aghani maghribiya khalida” (u can read arabic can’t u :stuck_out_tongue: )

I did not found the song that i like, but there are some good stuff there, check the two last songs on the list “ya bent lmdeena” by Lma3ty Bel9asem & “aw malo loo” by Mohamed Fweet7, & then take ur time to check the others…they’re a bunch of good Moroccan singers…genuine ones (including Samira Bens3eed V 1.0 :lol: )

For the song i like, try to look for “l bergy / l berky” a.k.a “ayli 7iyani” by Mohamed Fweet7.

Bweena sweerty :^^:

:blink: i forgot to post the link
…& it requires RealPlayer, else u need the codec player, else u gonna have to convert it.

FANK YOUUUUUUUUUH PB!!! i’m gonna look at them ONE BY ONE on the weekend nchaaaallah. allah y7fdek