Small translation, please help meee

i heard “kon t3arfi ch7al kanhma9 3lik”, what does this phrase mean? could u please explain each word to me? im trying to learn darija. and how can i say this to a man (if some words are in feminen type)

Hi! This means ‘if you knew how crazy I am about you’.
I’ll break down the words:

  • kon = in this context it means something like ‘if only’ or ‘if’ but it literally comes from the word ‘to be’
  • t3arfi = you knew (to a woman)
  • ch7hal = how much (same word you’d use to ask how much something costs)
  • kanhma9 = I am crazy/ I am going crazy. The ‘kan’ at the start means it’s present tense, and hma9 is the verb for going crazy
  • 3lik = literally means ‘on you’

The whole masculine/ feminine thing can be quite fuzzy in Darija. I’m from the North so we always mix up our genders and use fem verbs for guys/ masc verbs for girls, it’s quite weird actually lol! But I know that other regions in Morocco are much better with their genders so I’ll let someone else clear that up so I don’t say something wrong.

Having said that I’m pretty sure if you’re a woman and you’re saying this to a guy it would be the same except the ‘t3arfi’ you change to ‘t3arf’ as the i makes it fem.

Hope that helps!

God bless you!! Thank you so much for your interest, time and explanation!!! im really grateful :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome! <3

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By the way if you want a really good book for Darija with grammar, vocab etc, I’d recommend ‘Shnoo the hell is going on hnaa’. I’ve had it for a couple years and it’s improved my darija loads! I got it from amazon :slight_smile:

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Thank u so much!! it can be good for mee, im gonna check it :slight_smile: i really appreaciate ur interest :slight_smile:

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Hi nousnous (coffee? :grin:)
Hi JennaB!

This is just to confirm that JennaB is spot on for the translation and the masculine form.