small question

Can somebody tell me what: d3iw m3aya means?

and is there any online dictionairy where I could look up words, because normal translator site don’t seem to work (or maybe I have the wrong ones)

it means pray for me or make dua for me

google translator or another arabic dictionary may give you some idea, particularly if the root is from classical arabic, but most things in darija can’t be found there…you can use the search function here at this site, and if your question has been answered before, you might find it! you have to play with it a bit, first suggestion that i have found helpful is to change the ‘show topics’ or ‘list by topics’ tab to ‘by posts’ instead…then you may try a few different close spellings of your entry as we do not use a unified transliteration system and the roman alphabet does not match up perfectly with arabic…so for example for your question i would probably try d3iw m3aya , du3iou ma3ia, and other combinations of these…hope that helps