'slilo' (?) recipe

I don’t know if anyone will know what I’m talking about as I don’t know the spelling for this, but when I was staying with my fiance’s family during Ramadan we would have this sweet, powder-y dish after the main meal which, when I asked what it was, I was told ‘slilo’ (at least that’s what I heard). I know it had things like coffee, cocoa, dried dates and spices in - I was told it had about 20 ingredients which were ground up together. Can anyone share a recipe for this?? They’re a Berber family if that helps!


I think you’re refering to sellou
You’ll find the recipe here

Ah, yes, thank you Pakyrus! :slight_smile:

yeah…sellou!! when i first eat it i thought i was eating flour and sugar the same consintency when i blend them with little oil. strange experience XD