Si kayat yum (?)


To my great pleasure, I just found this forum when googling for a Darija glossary. I’m trying to learn Arabic, but I’m still at the pre-beginner level :roll: :hap:

Now, there’s a song (yes, this is probably a cheesy question) in Spanish, with a few lines read in another language, which I presume to be either Moroccan Arabic or a Tamazight/Tashlheet language. I’m very curious about this. The best I can do in terms of a transcription is this (just listening and writing what I think I hear):

si kayati yum - deheti yum
si kayat aHsaghnaas
al-hauf il-e(h)yum hum-liban
haTTaa dwha
dejeb kee

Would anybody be able to tell me what it means or even just what language it is? The song is called “Papeles mojaos”, by Chambao.

Thanks in advance.

I realised that posting links to videos was ok, so then it would make more sense to just put a link here:


So, the words spoken at the beginning, before the song in Spanish, is that Arabic? Or any language any of you know?

Nice song, I like it. :slight_smile:

Good job on transcription, but I am afraid the singer tried hard on saying things in Arabic, but she didn’t really make it. I can’t understand what si kayat is! She probably meant 7ekayat? Stories? My guess is that she got stuck with the 7 letter, but no! She said it perfectly in the rest.

All I can understand is:
A7san nnass = The best people.
Lbiban = The doors.
7atta lb7r = Even the sea.

The rest is mystery. If those words are in Darija, then the rest is too. I’ll try to figure out, and let you know if I do.

Thank you very much, SimplyMoroccan! Now I know at least it’s meant to be Arabic ;). I just assumed they would have a native speaker read the lines but I guess that wasn’t so if she didn’t manage to get it right :blink:

In the Spanish text, there’s a line saying “the sea started crying” - maybe the line about “even the sea” is something similar.

I quite like the song as well :slight_smile: