Show me your bookmarks and I tell you who you are

Remember the saying ‘show me your bookcase and I tell you who you are’ ?
Well, my bookshelf is empty. The few books I have all have a .pdf extension so I’m not sure if this saying still holds in today’s internet era.
I do have plenty of bookmarks though. Here’s 3 of them I use quite often:,,

And you? What are your 3 bookmarks, you can’t do without?

wash kat3arf l-matal ‘werrini l-ktub dyal-k u gha ngul ek shkun nta’?
mráfa3 dyali xawiyin. 3andi ghir shwiya d-l-ktub. 'ism dyal hum kaysali b ‘.pdf’. y3ani, ma n3arft wash had l-matal baqi Sali7 f-had z-zaman.
b-l-7eqq 3andi bezzef d l’3lamat. hak tlet dyal l’3alamat lli kanesta3ml bezzaf.,,

u ntuma? ash-men tlat dyal l’3lamat kayest3amlu dima?

mine are:




I’ve actually got like 50 bookmarks, but these are the most used 3

My bookmarks are endless. I mean it… endless!
But let me tell you: A day can not go by without me checking gmail and SM Forum. I often check iGoogle as well, since I have a weather gadget there that I check to see how the weather is like. Youtube is a must. There are many more, but those are the top on the list.

yahoo, google, youtube, speakmoroccan :smiley: