short translation plz?

??? ???

if anyone can tell me what this means? :slight_smile:
Thanks already!

The first week.

Not used to seeing fos7a here.

Not sure what you mean by that?

Sorry - IF I translated that correctly, it is more of a formal Arabic usage (fos7a) than a darija usage.
Not used to seeing much formal Arabic on this site.

sahir1-- if you are interested in formal arabic, you can find a lot of what we have here

I didn’t know there was so much difference between formal and moroccan arabian.

I think this is moroccan though, can you please translate it too? wakha ana 3arfek katsanayni daba lta7t

@achmin - I’m actually more interested in the darija, which is why I wandered over here in the first place. I should do something way more structured though, but am learning just by following the various posts.

@ cookie - ok i know you are waiting for me now down below

@ sahir1- must go to morocco :slight_smile:

Been to Morocco; would love to go again. Consider myself lucky to have stayed for 8 months

@ achminfar9: thank you again :slight_smile:

@ sahir1: you are indeed lucky! I only was there for short periods 6-15 days. Would love to be able to stay there for a longer period.

I haven’t studied fus7a (= MSA - Modern Standard Arabic = formal Arabic)
but with my limited knowledge of darija, I recognised ??? ??? as meaning ‘the first week’.
@ sahir1 : Why do think it seems more ‘fos7a’ ? are you thinking of the other word for ‘week’ in darija, i.e. ‘semana’ (not sure if it is only used in the north, as it’s also the Spanish word for ‘week’).