short translation pls :)

  1. ana 3a9litak zwina badla 3la labnat li 3andna,
    wajhak zwine
  2. foramtal zwina a7san 7aja 3ajbatni fik
  3. goliliya bi tafsil
    5.baghi na7ki m3ak
  1. you’ve got a good mentality, different than what the girls in my country have, your face is beautiful

  2. you’ve got a good body, the best thing i liked about you.

  3. tell me in details

  4. you’ve shocked us

  5. i wanna talk to you

I actually knew two of those.

What does foramtal mean by itself?

Is it related to “form”?

It’s mispelled, it’s supposed to be, formatek (your form)