short translation please :)

  1. I can’t explain it in arabic, I’ve never learned the words for it. Say hi to Khalti Halima.

  2. 3andek tsa7bina baghik 7ant ntiya fi bara ola baghi nban bik 3la s7abi

  3. nti ghayarti kolchi f 7yati

  4. ghada twalfi

  5. makat9acharch

  6. nti d5alti l9albi bi wa7ad chkal ghayr tabi3i

7.kanatwafa 3lik

2- don´t think that I love you because you are en foreigner and want to show you to my friends
3- you’ve changed everything in my life
4- you’ll get used
5- can´t peel
6- you’ve taken my heart in a way that isn´t normal
7- I die for you