Short song titles..

I’d like a translation of the following, thanks.

sahran ellil

loukan tri9o hwah




Sahran lil = awake in the night

loukane tri9o hwah = !! sounds like “he’s following his desires/needs”

lm3ani = the meanings

cha3non = ?? no idea…

How are you Miss 3wisha :^^:

waaaa ahlan w sahlan ya paperbird dialna, hope you had a great vacation while we, the others, worked our a@@es off :slight_smile:

thx for the translation!!!

LLah bark fik , yeah, u can say that i enjoyed my time, hamdulillah…i wish you all some fine times off :ok:

cheers :hat:

“cheers” <---- :mdr: that is such an aussie expression!!!

my “time off” is toooo long away i don’t even wanna think about it, right now i’m writing from my university’s library and this place makes me more stressed when i think of how long i have to go to be on vacatiions… LLah y3wny <-- spelling?


In fact i adopted it from an Aussie girl i used to know :slight_smile:

Think of the fact that when you’ll be on vacation i’ll be working my a@@ off :mdr:

*y3Awnny :^^:

=) i will think of it and it will motivate me, hahaha

thanks for the correction, y3awny didn’t sound right anyway :slight_smile:

“cheers” or shall i say bsalama to moroccanize