short sentence pls :)

  • hhh bach ghaydik howa brasso tal9ah ja9eer 30 DH bach ydkhol

  • na3cha9k

  • 3omri and 7yati

" hhh how can he take you he probably had to hustle for the 30dh himself to get in"

“Like u”

“for life and eternity” or " my whole life" or " u r my life"

what does ‘‘ja9eer’’ mean ?

ja9er is to ask for something (it’s always abt money), beg for it or steal it.

does the second mean ‘‘like u’’ or ‘‘i like you’’ ???

cus i thought ‘like you’ means b7alek

Another question,

doesn’t “na3cha9k” means just “to like” or “I like”?

and does one can say “na3chakak” or “na3chak fik” to mean “I like/love/adore you” (I think “adore” is the closest meaning, isn’t it?)

ja9er mmm interestin … u use this a lot in casa ??? never heard it before , new word ?

na3ch9ek means i love u , and na3sha9 fik also a gigi but we dont use them in darija … its kinda algerian for me or RAI lyrics

yeah Mad I see, thanks :slight_smile:

ur welcome

no mad, it ain’t a new word… It’s always used by tramps :smiley:

good … even though i will forget it in all cases lol

u’re not a tramp anyway… let me use it instead u :smiley:

sir 3la lah

hya li mat3awedch… chemkar walakine !!

hilé m3a rask