Short phrase translation please

What does ykoun l’khir mean?

Also Lmouhim.

Ykoun l’khir : Good luck

Lmouhim-what does this word mean also?

I appreciate your time and help! Thank you so much!

L’mouhim can have many translation. Sometimes it means ‘‘Anyway’’… Example : l’mouhim, hani jay = Anyway, i’m comin’. Sometimes it has a different meanin’ which is ‘‘Essential, necessary,…’’… Example : l’mouhim houwa khassek trbe7 = The important is to win.

Hope i’m helpin’ enough !!

choukran Bzaff, Dafir! You are helping a lot. I appreciate it. And I even learned a little more with your example sentences. :slight_smile:

Be welcome, anytime !! I believe, i am the last survivor in.

Hhhhhh ewa llhamdoullah